Police Minister Not Too Phased by SA Farmers Genocide

Finally, a politician who makes an iota of sense. Thandi Modise, the Premier of the North West Province, has said that Perpetrators of violence against our farming community, particularly the vulnerable elderly, should have no place in society but be permanently removed,” according to an article in the City Press.

To be honest with you, I’m rather fond of this idea. Continue reading


Angie Motshekga: A+ for Apathy

According to an IOL report, 136 teachers across the country were found guilty of ‘sexual misconduct’ between the years 2009 and 2012. Of these, 62 have been retrenched.

The others have been allowed to keep their jobs. Continue reading

100% Failure Achieved at seven Schools

Well here we have it. The day before yesterday, I had a little rant about the ludicrous philosophy held by Mrs. Motshekga that fail + fail = pass.

So I suppose that congratulations are in order. In 2012, seven schools had a complete whitewash as far as matric passes are concerned: a perfect zero.

The seven schools were spread across various provinces, according to News24. Continue reading

New Pass Rule?… pass.

Angie Motshekga, our ingenious and much-loved Minister of Basic Education, has devised a visionary stratagem that is guaranteed to curb the abysmal failure rates in South African schools across the board.
Is it adequate training and salaries for teachers?
Is it getting the much-needed textbooks to learners before they actually fail?
Is it something incredibly stupid and ill-informed?
…how on earth did you guess? Continue reading