New Pass Rule?… pass.

Angie Motshekga, our ingenious and much-loved Minister of Basic Education, has devised a visionary stratagem that is guaranteed to curb the abysmal failure rates in South African schools across the board.
Is it adequate training and salaries for teachers?
Is it getting the much-needed textbooks to learners before they actually fail?
Is it something incredibly stupid and ill-informed?
…how on earth did you guess?

The plan, in all its glory, is a directive which will allow FET learners (grades 10 through 12) to fail only once.As I was reading this on News24, I was struck with a sort of just terror. You see, dear reader, I had jumped the gun somewhat, and was led to believe that a learner who fails more than once would be getting the old metaphorical boot.Well, then I went on to read the next paragraph:

“A second fail will mean that they will be passed automatically.”

If you read that and now have a sickening sense of dread and confusion, hold onto that; it means that you are sane.

It means that you don’t particularly enjoy the thought of living in a country inundated with incompetent failures spat out of school with the mindset of “I don’t need to work. I am entitled”.

But what does this actually mean to all of us?

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to imagine the consequences.

As parents, you can sit back and enjoy the thought of your hard-working little progeny being equaled by some lazy rapscallion, basking in the satisfaction of academic immunity. Sorry mom and dad, but if this was the case while I was still at school, I can’t say I would be too eager to work much.

As employers, you can drown in the fear of the knowledge that you won’t be able to tell whether you’re hiring a high school graduate or a high school drop-out lucky enough to be dropped out the wrong end.

As a taxpayer, you can brace yourself for the fiscal shit-storm this will generate. After all, you’re going to be paying for it.

Read the News24 article here.

The brains behind the operation...?

The brains behind the operation…?

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