100% Failure Achieved at seven Schools

Well here we have it. The day before yesterday, I had a little rant about the ludicrous philosophy held by Mrs. Motshekga that fail + fail = pass.

So I suppose that congratulations are in order. In 2012, seven schools had a complete whitewash as far as matric passes are concerned: a perfect zero.

The seven schools were spread across various provinces, according to News24.

Two were in Kwa-Zulu Natal, two were in Limpopo, one was in North West, one in the Eastern Cape, and one in Gauteng.

It didn’t take the civilian commentators on the site very long to notice that not one was in the Western Cape.

It does beg the question (the answer is yes) as to whether or not the genii at the ANC have anything to do with the floundering state of our country’s education system. Have I already mentioned that the answer is yes?

Alicialouise, a reader and poster of comments on News24, made a very pertinent observation in one of her comments, pointing out that these pupils are “being brainwashed into thinking they are marvellous [sic.]“.

It’s high time we took a very critical stance on the policies that the ANC are putting in place regarding schools. The fact that they do actually realise that there is something terribly wrong is very impressive, but whoever it is that is giving the orders clearly doesn’t know much about school.

Firstly, the pass mark is simply too low. The fact that, even though it caters to the almost impossibly dim, there is still so much failing going on proves that the overcompensation didn’t work. Now put it back up to at least 50% (they only need to know half the work!) and start tackling the problem where it lies.

And yes, raising the pass mark will most probably raise the failure rate at first. But my argument is a rather intuitive one: less money spent on BMWs/ holidays/ tuck shops for body guards and more spent on the amelioration of schools and the rejuvenation of the teaching profession will lead to a slow but steady increase of pass rates. I’ll bet my hat on it.

The ANC’s problem is that it believes that by introducing some half-baked, quick-fix solution, the country will become a first-world Utopia overnight with once underprivileged children turned into titans of industry, pioneers of science and obedient tax-payers.

ANC: hear my appeal. Its time for a reality check. You’re getting it all wrong.

For those of you who think otherwise — and it’s quite OK if you do — please feel free to give me your feedback by taking this poll:


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