Zuma’s Views on Crime: A Tad Misinformed?

This is a big one; the kind of transparent twaddle that an ardent ANC-hater like myself wouldn’t even dare to make up.

In the words of big man Jacob himself: “South Africa is not a violent country”, the Mail & Guardian reports.

…are you done laughing yet? Then I’ll continue.

He went on to say that “it is certain people in our country who are violent. By and large, we are not – we are peace-loving people.”

This is profoundly astute for J-Z , and undeniably true. In fact, I can vouch for it: I’ve never killed, raped, mugged, maimed, swindled or abused anybody in my life. I am, in fact, a very peace-loving person.

However, my presence here doesn’t negate the presence of all the killers, rapists, muggers, maimers, swindlers and abusers walking our streets. Although, someday their presence might negate mine.

J-Z’s uncharacteristically clever rhetoric falls flat in the face of reality. In the words of the great Jules Verne, “I was compelled to yield to the weight of ocular demonstration”.

I implore you personally, Mr. Zuma, if you really want to know whether or not this country which you head is a violent place, why not ask Reeva Steenkamp? why not ask Aneen Booysen? why not ask Mido Macia?

Oh yes. Because they’re all dead.

It’s not too clear exactly whom it is that you are trying to kid. Do you honestly think that you can fool the whole country, with your winged words, into just forgetting how egregiously fucked up life in South Africa has become?

So just where are the police when we need them? Reassuringly (if you’re an idiot), old Jacob did also say that “the police were dealing with the symptoms in relation to criminal activities”.

This foolishly optimistic little tidbit is problematic in two ways:

1. Deal with the disease, not the symptom.

2. The cops themselves are possibly the most repugnant symptom of this disease at the moment.

But let’s look on the bright side, it’s mainly criminals that will break into your home and slaughter you and your family in the dead of night. Cops aren’t quite so bold… yet.

But who knows, things might not always be so tame in this country. It is in this humble little blogger’s opinion that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Granted, high-profile cases like that of Aneen Booysen are beginning to rile the hoi-poloi to the point of action, but I’m terribly sorry to say that a few protests, demonstrations and poignant posters won’t change anything.

The decision-makers, the cash-rakers and the movers-and-shakers in the government probably don’t even know you’re marching, let alone care.


One thought on “Zuma’s Views on Crime: A Tad Misinformed?

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