More Murdered Steenkamps, More Botched Investigations.

Is it just me, or are the police becoming more and more negligent with every passing murder?

This time, it’s the story of a 16 year old lad, accused of the triple homicide of Deon, Christelle and Marthella Steenkamp, who were 44, 43 and 14 years of age respectively.

The crime took place on Naauwhoek farm, near Griquatown in the Northern Cape, making this particular case is a lot closer to home for this little blogger, being from Kimberley.

As you may or may not know, there was much controversy (not very long ago at all) regarding the poor handling of the Oscar Pistorius case by Hilton Botha, which led to his resignation.

Good riddance.

But sadly, it has happened yet again. This time, according to News24, there were reports of ‘administrative mix-ups’ by Lieutenant Andre McAnda, and typing errors in ‘the serial numbers that were labelled on the forensic bags’.

This sort of buffoonery amongst the boys in blue seems to be becoming the status quo. What happened to the days of efficiency in the police force? Why is this sort of blundering becoming so normal?

The problem probably lies in the finicky nature of the hydra that is the law. Even the smallest discrepancy in the evidence gathering process can ruin the entire case for the prosecution. I respect that. It means that the prosecution needs to build their case with a persnickety attention to detail in order to reach the truth of the matter.

The problem is, of course, that the police investigators seem to be becoming lackadaisical in doing so.

McAnde says: “In all fields of expertise there is a margin of error.”

David says: “Not in this one, buddy. There’s a dead family of three depending on you to deliver justice. If you want a margin of error, get out of forensics. You toss.”

It would seem that the days of feeling secure in the knowledge that our officers are competent enough to utilise the law to bring criminals to justice are coming to an end.

Maybe we need more vigilantes.


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