Police Minister Not Too Phased by SA Farmers Genocide

Finally, a politician who makes an iota of sense. Thandi Modise, the Premier of the North West Province, has said that Perpetrators of violence against our farming community, particularly the vulnerable elderly, should have no place in society but be permanently removed,” according to an article in the City Press.

To be honest with you, I’m rather fond of this idea.

Modise said this in reaction to the the murder of a 67-year-old farmer (and let’s not forget the seemingly mandatory raping of his wife) in Ventersdorp. This is the latest in a long, long string of heinous attacks suffered by white South African farmers.

Would you like to disembowel them with that pitchfork…?

According to a report released almost four months ago by the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI), these attacks are a “national crisis” and should be recognised as such. It went on to say that these attacks are simply not receiving the recognition and priority status they deserve.

For those that are not so aware of exactly what is going on in our Arcadian pastures, allow me to sum it up for you, nice and concise-like:

South Africa has the highest rate of attacks on farmers in the world. A sickening 700% higher than any other.

Given that fact alone, anybody in their right mind would recognise that severe action has to be taken immediately.

However, Nathi Mthethwa, the Minister of Police Brutality and Apathy, knows better.

According to him, as quoted in the City Press, farms are not “special areas in our society”.

He seems to believe that there is nothing unusual about the number of increasingly macabre and malicious murders that are occurring on farms throughout the country, and in all his wisdom, has lumped the protection of farmers along with the rest of his ‘rural protection plan’, which includes rural villages.

In any other country in the world, this might be a half-decent plan. Though in South Africa it is not enough. The numbers speak for themselves.

This is why more drastic action needs to be taken against these cruel and inhumane criminals. Thandi Modise’s idea is the best uttered by a South African politician in about twenty years. These crimes of hate against white farmers cannot be so nonchalantly dealt with any longer.

Modise’s idea of permanent removal, however, seems to be one of keeping the perpetrators behind bars for the rest of their lives. Fair enough.

The way I see it, though, it that anybody who can bring themselves to slaughter a peaceful sexagenarian and rape his wife in their own home does not deserve to live. Why would anyone want to keep them alive to enjoy the relative luxuries of federal incarceration anyway? Why?

Perhaps an example needs to be made out of a few of them…

Image taken from: Google Image Result for http://www.leninimports.com/grant_wood_gallery_new_1.jpg


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