Racism: Bad. Hating White People: Acceptable.

People like Faraday Nkoane make me genuinely afraid to be a white person living in South Africa. For those of you who don’t know about this man (I didn’t 20 minutes ago), he is the leader of the Uhuru cultural club in Pretoria. It would seem that the only so-called ‘culture’ this rabble-rouser is interested in promulgating is one of abhorrent racism against Caucasians. As a Caucasian, this bothers me. It should also bother you, regardless of your race.

Faraday delivered a speech at a youth rally in Lebanon Township Park in which he made it very clear that “If youth steal in the township its a crime, but if they steal from whites in the suburbs, it is not a crime”. He justifies this with the age-old sophism that the ancestors of white people stole things like livestock from the ancestors of black people, that makes present-day theft from white people “repossessing” – and thus, hunky-dory.


Newspaper article reporting the controversial speech as I first saw it on Facebook.

The most ironic part? It was a Human Rights Day rally.

We’ve all heard this tired old neo-Apartheid shit before. White people are all evil because of Apartheid. Schools have no textbooks because of Apartheid  The tax fund is missing because of Apartheid. And who could forget “Shoot the Boer”? Is nobody else getting pretty damn sick of it now?

On the Facebook page ‘People Against AWB’, a gentleman of African descent named David Mosatla posted, in a rather threatening tone, that “[the year following this post] is the last year for all whites, I mean ALL WHITES to apologize for what their grand daddies have done to ours. no exceptions. we gave y’all more than 15 years to make it up to us but some of you are still acting smart. your racist remarks are counted. watch out.” [sic].

The page has since been removed from Facebook (boo-hoo) but not before a screenshot was taken of Mosalta’s threat. See it, and more examples of the atrocities committed against white people just for being white, here.

I have two things to say in response to this.

Firstly, fuck you David Mosalta, and the anti-white culture you embody so perfectly. I am white, and I am not apologising for it. Deal with it.

Secondly, I ask, when is this going to end? How many brutal murders and rapes will it take to get Apartheid out of the country’s system?

Apartheid was a terrible thing, and a blotch on the history of South Africa, but I had nothing to do with it, and my grandparents had nothing to do with it. In fact, my grandparents were nicer to black people than most black people are. And you know what, David? Even if my grandparents were the architects of Apartheid themselves, I would never apologise to you for it. My grandparents’ lives and actions are none of my damn business. Nobody’s are. I think that the sooner we can all get that little fact through our heads, the sooner we can actually put our energy into making South Africa a better place today.

To end off, I appeal to you, David, Faraday, and every black South African who is pissed off with white people for stealing from your ancestors:

Take a look at your comrades in the ANC, because they’re stealing from you right now.

Image taken from: http://bit.ly/faradaynkoanearticle


2 thoughts on “Racism: Bad. Hating White People: Acceptable.

  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  2. Great great article! Was totally worth the read. Its about time we moved forward bearing a unified ‘present to future’ vision in mind as opposed to a’ from past to future’ vision. Fretting about the atrocities in the past will not aid true forward-launching progress.

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