My name is David Katz, and I’m currently studying Media & Writing at UCT.

I say that all this talk of ‘ethics in the media’ and being ‘politically correct’ is bloody humbug, and has only been so deeply ingrained in our mindsets to protect the interests of those whose interest is ignorance.

Most South Africans are just too scared, brainwashed, or in a stupor of post-Apartheid white guilt (snap out of it, already!) to take a stand against the African National Conmen, who happen to be in charge of making very important decisions regarding all of the nation’s money. Hmm..

My view: if politicians need not be politically correct, the term is redundant. So loosen up, stop being so worried about offending our wise and wonderful leaders and have yourself a good read. I want you to know that you are better than them, and you are more powerful. Make a difference.

I only say what needs to be said, and I say it because South Africa is a country worth saving from those who would see it bled dry. There are those among our leaders who claim to love you, but would have no problem watching you starve to death in a gutter to keep all of their many, many wives in sports cars.

Then they’d take your wallet and piss on your corpse…


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