Burn the Children?

Just when you thought the mindset of some people couldn’t get any more sickeningly juvenile, selfish and destructive. Imagine this hypothetical situation and tell me what you think:

Let’s say you’re one of the residents of an informal settlement, and the municipality decides to take down your shack. However, they leave the local crèche standing, because the owner got permission to erect it there, but you didn’t bother to get permission for the building of your unsightly shack. Continue reading


Racism: Bad. Hating White People: Acceptable.

People like Faraday Nkoane make me genuinely afraid to be a white person living in South Africa. For those of you who don’t know about this man (I didn’t 20 minutes ago), he is the leader of the Uhuru cultural club in Pretoria. It would seem that the only so-called ‘culture’ this rabble-rouser is interested in promulgating is one of abhorrent racism against Caucasians. As a Caucasian, this bothers me. It should also bother you, regardless of your race. Continue reading